The judges have judged! We have a winner.

The winner is Paul Burnell with a piece called "A Birthday" which sets words by Christina Rosetti. Alan Bullard in judging the winner commented

The winning piece shows a real sense of originality, turning the text into an exuberant burst of joy with a sense of well-paced rhythmic drive and excitement from beginning to end.

Lindsay Sampson, who gave Paul the news, looked forward to the opportunity for LCS to work with Paul in preparation for the first performance of "A Birthday" at our gala concert on July 7th 2018.

You can find out more about Paul Burnell here.

We had 122 entries from 102 composers. Those composers are from 24 countries - Australia; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; Croatia; Cuba; Czech Republic; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Netherlands; New Zealand; Poland; Portugal; Slovakia; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Turkey; UK; USA.

A big thank you to all the composers who entered.

The competition has been judged by a panel consisting of the internationally-known composer Alan Bullard along with the choir’s musical director Ian Assersohn and chair Lindsay Sampson.

Complete details of the brief can be found here (pdf)